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If you are viewing this page, you are on my blog that I plan to use to document my journey here in Europe, more specifically London. I borrow my blog title from Christian author, Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life. In this book,Warren provides insights on how to seek your own purpose, authorized by God, by examining your life over 40 days. I go on to say all this to point to the fact that I do indeed believe that this entire journey, as well as what I have gone through in life thus far, is in fact part of the plan that God has for my life. I cannot easily say what my purpose in life is yet, but I do feel that I am called to do great things. To say the least, I hope you all enjoy reading as I continue to post. Feel free to comment and let me know you are thinking of me, as I am surely thinking of you. Keep myself and my cohort in your prayers; we greatly appreciate it.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Last Train to Paris, or the First Bus

Our trip to Paris was quite the adventure.  It started off with what was almost a fight on the bus before we even had a chance to leave London. This one guy, who claims to be a black belt, and has pictures to prove it, was threatening two cousins who he continuously told to shut up, and even got a little physical with; it was crazy.  To save money we took the bus instead of the train and 8 hours later we were in Charles De Gaulle Airport  in Fance, hopping on a train into the city. 
Fresh off the train in, at St Michel Station we walked up the stairs and were greeted by Notre Dame.  This church is beautiful.  This is very much the case with a lot of the craftsmanship of churches in Europe, but something about this one was a bit more captivating.  

Our first night we went to a restaurant that I think was called the “Creperie Josselin.”  If that is not the name, I think it may be the style of crepe, or the part of France it was created.  Either way it was so good.  I went there two nights for dinner, the second one being the night I left.  I had one that had sausage, egg, cheese, and mushroom the first night. This was followed by my dessert crepe. This one was with Nutella and bananas.  The second dinner one I had was filled with spinach, goat cheese, and heavy cream. It was also very good. They all were.
Me and Monna
The second day, Saturday, We woke up early to get to the Louvre, the museum famous for the Monna Lisa, Venus de Milo, and a host of other works of art.  
Me and Venus de Milo

We walked up the Eiffel Tower that afternoon, and then went to Sacre Coeur after that.  You can look at the pictures and let those speak for themselves.  Needless to say it was all quite amazing. My legs didn’t start hurting until I got back home to London. We also went by the Moulin Rouge after dinner. The seats at the show are over 150.
Before we walked up

After we walked up. I was very relieved to be down.

Right before we walked all the way up to the second observation deck!

Sacre Coeur

Moulin Rouge:

The highlight of my last day was going to Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  This is the cemetery that houses the graves of many celebrities including, Chopin, James Morrison, and Oscar Wilde.  Oscar Wilde was my favorite, being that my grandfather named me after his book, The Picture of Dorian Grey. 

That afternoon we went to the Arc de Triomphe, and St. Paul’s Village, a Parisian shopping district.

 It is in St Paul’s where I had the second highlight of my day: I tired escargots, which are snails for those of you reading who do not know.  They were also good.  A little chewy, but good!


It was a great trip, but honestly at the beginning of the third day I was ready to be back in London.  I imagine this was because I was tried and had to do everything at such a fast pace.  I know for sure that when I return to Europe, Paris will be on the list. Vous remercie de lire ce billet de blog (Thank you for reading this blog post).    



  1. I love it Dor looks like it was so worth it.

  2. Sounds like you had a good experience in Paris. Keith said he has a million questions for you when you come home. He also asked if "dragon fly jones" (from martin) got beat up on the bus ride..lol. He used other words but you get the picture. Keep enjoying yourself & experiencing all that you can. ONE

  3. Aw Dorian!!!! It sounds like it was amazing! We definitely need to plan a kru trip!!!! -Nichole