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If you are viewing this page, you are on my blog that I plan to use to document my journey here in Europe, more specifically London. I borrow my blog title from Christian author, Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life. In this book,Warren provides insights on how to seek your own purpose, authorized by God, by examining your life over 40 days. I go on to say all this to point to the fact that I do indeed believe that this entire journey, as well as what I have gone through in life thus far, is in fact part of the plan that God has for my life. I cannot easily say what my purpose in life is yet, but I do feel that I am called to do great things. To say the least, I hope you all enjoy reading as I continue to post. Feel free to comment and let me know you are thinking of me, as I am surely thinking of you. Keep myself and my cohort in your prayers; we greatly appreciate it.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Barcelona, Spain

This was my favorite of all the stops.  The first thing we did when we checked into our hostel was change and then we headed to the beach.  The weather was so nice even though it rained the next day. Now Barcelona has nude beaches, which we did not go to.  However, nudity is legal there, so even on the regular beach you will see nude people, and we did.  A person can actually walk the streets nude as long as they are wearing the right shoes. Can you believe this?  They can even ride bikes nude and they do. As long as you are not being disrespectful while you are unclothed, you will not be arrested. That night we went out and it was quite a good time.  We also had some really good food in Barcelona. The next day we had our tour which gave us the history of the Gothic Architectural neighborhood. The second night we attended a flamenco show followed by a tapas dinner.  The show was awesome—the video will be posted below. The tapas were also good.  To tell the truth, these little appetizer foods they were giving us actually were filling.  They were also accompanied by unlimited Sangria.     

Fotos de nosotros en la playa (pictures of us on the beach):

Many of the buildings and complexes in Barcelona have these nice courtyards.  They are cleaverly designed to provide shade and breezez during the summer months since it gets so hot:

I could not get the Flamenco Videos to upload either, so here are some photos, sorry.

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