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If you are viewing this page, you are on my blog that I plan to use to document my journey here in Europe, more specifically London. I borrow my blog title from Christian author, Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life. In this book,Warren provides insights on how to seek your own purpose, authorized by God, by examining your life over 40 days. I go on to say all this to point to the fact that I do indeed believe that this entire journey, as well as what I have gone through in life thus far, is in fact part of the plan that God has for my life. I cannot easily say what my purpose in life is yet, but I do feel that I am called to do great things. To say the least, I hope you all enjoy reading as I continue to post. Feel free to comment and let me know you are thinking of me, as I am surely thinking of you. Keep myself and my cohort in your prayers; we greatly appreciate it.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Prague, Czech Republic

           Everything I heard about Prague is true. It is truly beautiful there and I really just liked the feel of the city.  It is also apparently know for its nightlife, but we didn’t experience that, outside of going to a pub.  I believe I caught my cold here as we had to run to make sure we were on time for the tour, thus causing me to sweat and stand outside in cold air and rain right after. Moving on, Prague was the city that was occupied the longest during WWII; they are home to the second most disappointing site in Europe, the Astronomical Clock; and they drink the most beer in the world and beer is essentially cheaper that water and soft drinks.  They also have a large Jewish history and are the location where many films have been recorded including XXX, starring Vin Diesel and Euro Trip. Also, one of the ironies that our tour guide pointed out is that Hugo Boss has a store located right in the heart of the Jewish District and he designed the Nazi uniform.  My camera died when it was time to take photos of the Jewish cemetery, but it is packed with tombstones.  There are somewhere around 12,000 grave plots, but the cemetery has five times that many bodies (they are stacked on top of one another.) Something else I never knew, until visiting The House of the Black Madonna is that they did not always have addresses.  Instead, a person would give people directions to their house and then tell them what statue to look for out front. Prague Castle is really nice, too.  I don’t have a good photo of it, but I will post it anyway.  I also had an interesting fact about this castle complex, but I do not have it written down, sorry. 

This is the Astronomical clock, which is only disappointing because at the hour, it does nothing but chime like every other clock. However, it does do a lot: tells the time, tells the amount of hours since the sun last set, tells something about the zodiacs, and also keeps track of people's name day.  In Prague, you get to celebrate twice: once for your birthday, and once for your name day (with everyone else who has the same name.)
This is the Prague Castle--sorry the picture is so bad, but if I remember correctly, our guide siad the castel complex is the largest of all--not necessarily the castle, the complex.

View of the city from some hill-top park

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